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From our physicians

 "They are pit bulls, who won't let go until they have the last nickel!  They are friendly, professional and hard working.  I wouldn't take my business anywhere else."  -  Vincent Messbarger, MD

 " We have used Keystone Medical Solutions since Sept. 2008, and have been pleased with their results.  Dr. Coleman has used two different billing services, and Keystone is certainly the most efficient and easiest to work with.  They are up to date with all the current changes in coding and billing processes related to Anesthesia.  The staff is courteous, helpful and most importantly knowledgeable.  They are always trying to improve collections, and our accounts receivable is better than it has been in 10 years.  I would strongly recommend any medical office to use their services.       - Susan C. Coleman, Southern Oklahoma Anesthesia. Inc

"Several years ago, I had my business at a large billing company in Kansas.  I noticed that there were several denied claims being written-off.  When I made the change to Keystone, I noticed a 65% increase in collected payments the first year.  They are professional, courteous, meticulous, and trustworthy. "  - Ladny Yates, MD